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    About Us

    Who we are

    Nino Projects is a prestige building company.

    We understand the building process and that things can take time… but some things are worth waiting for. To get the right builder, one who understands and cares about your needs. One who nurtures your dreams and one who is able to leave you at the end of the job knowing you got Value for dollar, structurally sound and a secure investment into your future… that’s worth waiting for.

    Nino Projects was founded in 2003 by Anthony ‘Nino’ Velthuis. Nino has the skills and motivation to deliver winning results and service to his clients.

    Nino quickly developed a personal relational style that soon allowed him to work with some of the best designers and architects in Queensland. His quality craftsmanship and attention to detail has established Nino Projects as a leader in the building and construction industry. Our aim is to provide quality projects throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas.

    With a focus on multi- level inner city apartment buildings and larger homes, Nino Projects’ reputation is built on quality and satisfaction. Our buildings and renovations are never short of outstanding, as we use the highest quality materials, combined with our skilled team to deliver results far beyond our customers expectations, first time, every time!

    Nino Projects now has a philosophy of looking at your project with a long term perspective. Long after our builders have packed up their tools and your removal truck has driven away, we hope you will be able to appreciate your dream living space with the peace of mind of knowing it was built for you by someone who takes pride in what they do.

    2011 has seen a lot of change in the building industry. Many of our friends and industry suppliers have had to buckle down and pull back. It has been in this time that Nino projects has delivered its latest “feat”. As a team with our suppliers and in collaboration with a deserving client, Anthony Velthuis and Nino Projects has been awarded a Master Builders Housing and Construction Award in the category of “Individual Home $751,000 – $1 million“.

    Narrow and small lot house/home designs, Duplex and townhouse designs/ plans, High Rise Unit and Apartment redevelopment, Split Level, Sloping Block, Disabled Friendly,  Designer, Architectural, Prestige and Executive Designs.

    We pride ourselves in creating exceptional living spaces with the highest attention to detail and quality

    Subject: THANK YOU NINO

    We have had an enjoyable experience with Nino and his Team in renovating our Unit at Mariner’s Reach Newstead. A complete refit no less – from floor to ceiling, including walls and air conditioning. We moved out (for the renovation) and returned to a delightful new home on the river.

    Thank you Nino and Team

    With kind regards


    55 Doggett Street