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    Love your home …Although it’s too small? And don’t want to move

    Nino Projects will help you to reveal the hidden potential in your home our Unit and can help you personalise, modernise and re model your home. whether your vision involves extending removing walls to create a modern open space living are or removing and remodelling that old kitchen and bathroom so many options can be achieved.

    Detailed plans specifications and schedules are supplied and followed, We have a dedicated project manager on site daily to ensure everything flows smoothly and nothing is missed.

    So many options can be achieved.Take a look at our Woolloongabba Renovation the Queenslander.

    With our contracts there is no hidden costs, we take great care in the process leading up to contract stage so it is very clear and all parties understand the process.

    Sometimes you just need some advice from a professional.

    We will handle all certification and council approvals so it is enjoyable experience for you.We can work within your budget to reach the full potential of your home.